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Using Campaigns to Improve Sales Cycle
The AMS has many hidden features that can be used in conjunction to improve your overall sales cycle. At Surge we have used advanced campaigns and logic to help increase a business overall sales cycle and to boost conversion rates.

How did we do this ?

We started off considering visitors coming to a website. If we are sending out e-mails to a database we already know the user, we are able to track that user on the website, see how often they have been there and what they are doing on the website. So we deducted that a user that visits the website or pages more often is obviously are more likely to convert into a customer or purchase an online product.

What we did was used points in order to score these visitors, so for every hit to the website we gave them a point.

In the example above we set the number of page hits to 1, so everytime a visitor came back to the website they would get a point. In our particular case we were dealing with a B2B business, so we had assumed the number of hits to a site is more to gather informational, whereas if we were dealing with B2C we might change the frequency and some other parameters.

What is needed ?

In order to make this work we will need:
1. Mailer
2. Campaign

The Mailer

This is pretty simple, go ahead and create a Template Mailer (so we can add it to a campaign) and use tokens to get the fields you want to pass onto your sales agent.


For this example as mentioned we are dealing with a B2B business, so it was enough for the contact to hit the required points once and they would be added to the notification campaign once and then be executed from it, however the campaign can be modified for B2C as well with a few adjustments that we will speak about at the end of this article.

We created a campaign called “Points Alert” and began the campaign with a segment that contains all the users in the database.

In our example we then made a condition to see if the user was already a client or not. If the client was not a client then we put a condition testing to see if they had 5 points (so they would have browsed the site at least 5 times), and if this was positive we would then send the Notification Mailer to the sales person. If the person had not yet reached the number of required points, then we put a jump event back to our original condition.


This method allows the sales team to receive “hot” leads and has an overall uplift in overall convertions.


Extra Tip:  You can reset a contacts points by adding in an action to Update Contact Field and set points to 0

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