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Surge.Media is happy to announce the onboarding of Cipher Sports Technology Group as its latest customer

Surge. will be providing its Automated Marketing System to Cipher Sports Technology Group, bringing a high level of hyper personalized customer communication and automation to the groups web brands.

Using Surge. technology will assist in enabling Cipher’s customers to receive valuable offers from their brands along with constant updates on the latest sports events and results.

Adam Fiske, CEO of Cipher Sports Technology Group explains “Our group has a number of different brands with rapidly growing traffic, led by our flagship product . With Surge. we will now be able to begin to capture user data on an opt-in basis, thus being able to provide personalized experiences to our users. It will also allow us to increase our overall communication with our customers across multiple channels and improve ROI of the business.”

Surge.AMS is an automated marketing software that provides omni-channel communications via E-Mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Push Notifications and onsite focus items. The platform encompasses all the major requirements of a robust marketing system and provides advanced dynamic customer segmentation, the ability to create unlimited forms and landing pages, onsite tracking in accordance with GDPR. The AMS has a very comfortable canvas campaign builder where marketers can build out their automation.

“We are excited to have onboarded Cipher Sports Technology Group. Across the board, online gaming affiliates are starting to mature in their marketing methods and we are seeing more and more interest in not just being a portal that redirects traffic to online operators but rather becoming information providers and proactive with their customers. Value is being seen in customer communications and we have started seeing this over the past year. Surge. offers a unique solution in so that it is able to manage multiple domains from one instance which provides great value to affiliates that have their network of websites” commented co-founder Michael Wolman.

About Surge.Media
Surge.Media is a boutique marketing firm started by Michael Wolman and Jordan Erasmus in 2019. Surge. focuses on acquisition and retention in all different sectors servicing companies from B2G, B2B, B2C and D2C. Surge provides a number of different technology solutions with their main offering based on their Automated Marketing System (AMS).

About Cipher Sports Technology Group
Cipher Sports Technology Group owns and operates in the United States and Stats Insider for Australian sports lovers. Dimers uses advanced analytics that drive machine learning models developed by talented data scientists to provide NFL predictions and College Football predictions among other sports.

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